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The state of Roraima has an area of 224,299 km 2 (4.3% of the territory in the Amazon region) and a population of 395,700 inhabitants with a population density of 1.76 inhabitants/km², and is located in the far north of the Western Amazon.

Currently, the state of Roraima has 15 municipalities, the main ones being Boa Vista (the State's capital), Caracaraí, Rorainópolis, Alto Alegre and Mucajaí. It has territorial boundaries with Venezuela, Guyana and the Brazilian States of Amazonas and Pará.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Roraima is around R$3.1 billion (IBGE/2005), corresponding to 0.14% of national GDP, with a GDP per capita of R$8.03 thousand. The trade & service sector is the largest component of the state's GDP at 63%.

The economic base of Roraima is the service sector, particularly the activities related to public administration. As for the industrial sector, the main product in the State's list of exports is wood, Venezuela being the most representative market. In the primary sector, the most cultivated agricultural products include rice, corn, cassava and soybean.


The opportunities for making investments in the State of Roraima include, amongst other conditions, its geographic location on the border of other South American countries (Venezuela and British Guiana); the advantages arising from the diversity of its soils, reliefs, climate and vegetation, as well as featuring harvest periods while most Brazilian states are experiencing an off-season period.

Thus, the following opportunities for sustainable businesses have been identified for Roraima in the segments of family farming, micro and small enterprises, tourism, forestry and industrial activities, infrastructure projects, agribusiness, commerce and services:

Family Farming

  • Incentives to the LPAs for beekeeping, cassava and fruit farming, and fish farming, which are integrated to family-based economy.

Micro and Small Businesses

  • Representativeness of micro and small enterprises in the State's economy.


  • Incentives to the Tourist Centers of Far North of Brazil, Roraima - the Amazon Savannah, and amongst Waters and Forests of the Equator; and
  • Development of leisure and entertainment activities for the enhancement of tourism.

The Forest Sector

  • Forest management projects for timber and non timber purposes

The Industry

  • Investment in mineral production (granite), in the construction and timber industries

Infrastructure Projects

  • Public investment for restoring, building and paving of secondary roads and river port infrastructure;
  • Supply electric power to the countryside from the power generated in Guri (Venezuela) and the Program "Luz para Todos" (Energy to Everyone); and
  • Construction of airfields.


  • Increase in grain production with high productivity yield (rice, corn and soybean);
  • Incentives to the production of biofuel; and
  • Process for completing the Economic and Ecological Zoning for the State.

Trading and Services

  • Relevance of the trading and service sector in the economy of Roraima.


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